TM-600 HomePlug
-Turn any electrical outlet into a high-speed network connection With the TM-600 HP you can extend your home network by using electrical sockets. Forget about drilling and rewiring cable throughout your house, with the TM-500 HP you can have internet anywhere in the house (on the same powerline) in a simple and convenient plug 'n' play system with no set up required. Complying with the HomePlug AV standard, the TM-600 HP gives you a data transmission speed of up to 600Mbps, together with the built-in QoS that gives bandwidth intensive and sensitive applications a higher priority to remain stable and fast. -Forget Wireless No need to worry about wireless signal strength and walls reducing signal quality. -Plug 'n' Play No complex configuration is required for installation, just plug one adapter into a power outlet, connect it to your computer via the network cable, plug the second adapter into another power outlet and press the encryption button and you are ready to go! -HD Multimedia Streaming Connect your Internet-ready TV, Blu-ray� player, IPTV set-top box or gaming console through any power outlet in your home for super-fast 600Mbps transfer speeds. -Secure With its powerful 128-bit AES encryption, your network is secure and protected.

TM-600 HomePlug

SKU: TM-600-HP
  • 600Mbps Extremely small...smaller than a credit card! HomePlug AV Compliant Up to 200m range over household powerline Plug 'n' Play - no configuration necessary Up to 60% Reduction in energy consumption (standby mode) 128-bit AES Encryption Built-in QoS Includes: 2x 500Mbps HomePlugs, 2x 1.8m Ethernet Cable, CD

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